About Ian Aitchison

VP Product Management at Nexthink.
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I’m a software product/business leader. I’ve led the delivery and business growth of new and innovative SaaS & OnPrem products into the DEX, ITSM, ITAM, SAM, Automation and IGA markets.

Business, Vision, Strategy, Execution, Leadership, Markets, Customers, Growth, Acquisition etc.

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I contribute into the ITSM/ESM industry and market. I’m a seasoned public speaker and event-presenter. I’ve presented worldwide across big-stage keynotes, event conferences sessions, at prospect and customer events and many online events.

Typical subjects include : best practice, innovation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, self-service, ITSM and ITAM.
I’ve spoken at : Gartner, HDI, ITSMf, Support World, SDI, SITS and many others

Blogging : I’m using this site to have somewhere to share all the words that keep coming up. This is a purely personal, non-commercial site to help me form and share ideas and experience.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with everything on here. I fact, I’m sure many won’t. I also don’t expect this to be very polished content. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of holes in the design, the wording or the opinions expressed. That’s OK 🙂